Dream big and Posh can make it come true.  Today's kitchen is the hub of the home, where everyone gathers not only to prepare or eat their meals, but for just about everything.  From entertaining to paying bills, kids doing homework at the island to meaningful family conversations or watching TV.  Since most Long Island homes were built in the 1950's and 60's when a kitchen was a food prep place for mom, we often find that the space is too small.  At Posh we have the experience and know-how to help you design your perfect space and show you how it will look using the latest technology available, including Virtual Reality.  Posh is a one stop service provider which means that we can handle every part of the project including:

  • Space planing

  • Drafting and architectural services

  • Permit processing if required

  • Demolition including wall removal

  • Foundation and footings

  • Framing interior walls or a whole extension to enlarge the kitchen

  • Doors & windows

  • Mechanicals including plumbing, electrical, heating and HVAC

  • Tile, hardwood, or luxury vinyl flooring

  • All wood stock, semi-custom and custom cabinetry

  • Counter top options like Quartz surfacing, natural Granite, or Quartzite

  • Tile, stone or glass back-splash

  • Appliance installation

  • Molding and trim work









At Posh, kitchen remodeling is not a side business or just another type of home improvement project we are willing to take on.  It's our main focus and we are dedicated to providing you with the best quality and service at reasonable prices. 


When you call Posh to start the process of remodeling your kitchen, we schedule a time to do a thorough evaluation of your home and measure the kitchen and surrounding area.  This helps not only with determining how to design the space, but also helps to avoid costly surprises later.  While there we will discuss your wish list and thoughts on products and design.  The next meeting is held in our Huntington showroom, where we can review the design concept more closely and look at some products to get a good feel as to your preferences.  Lastly, based on all of the information we gathered to this point, we review pricing and time frame.  This will help set a budget and realistic expectations for the project.  Kitchen remodeling is a big undertaking and if handled correctly, can be a fun and exciting project.  The process outlined up to this point is necessary to ensure that what we promise you is accurate and so we do not charge for it.  Once the budget is set and you feel comfortable going to the next step, our professional designers will work with you to design every detail of the project and select every product in our 2,000 square foot showroom.  You'll see your new kitchen come to life in full color and scale on screen, drafts and in Virtual Reality.  Put on the VR goggles and make sure that all of the products you picked coordinate the way you want them to and that the space feels spacious and practical.  Nothing else comes closer to real life.  Most importantly, avoid making a mistake by being able to see it before it's built.