Imagine building the best quality cabinet you can.  You would use a full access platform for more storage and ease of cleaning.  You would build it out of 3/4" Plywood to withstand many years of use and even abuse.  You would laminate the inside with melamine so that it would be easy to clean.  You would search the world for the best hinges and drawer glides which you will find in Germany at the Blum Corporation.  You then build the drawer boxes out of 3/4" solid Maple wood and join them using the oldest and still the best technique known as Dove-Tail Joinery, to insure they never come apart.  You would pay attention to every detail, like finding shelf clips from Italy that lock into the shelf so that they don't rattle, move or fall out.  Leveling legs that not only allow for a clean, no shim installation, but also keep the cabinets off the floor in case of a spill.  Even the solid wood edging of the shelves not only look rich and keep you from placing items on the edge, but have another real purpose.  The cross grain wood ensures that no matter what you put in the cabinets, the shelf will never, ever sag in the middle.

If you were to design the best cabinet, you would probably want to be able to fit all of your dishes in them, so you would make the wall cabinets 13" deep to fit large dinner dishes that don't fit in conventional 12" deep wall cabinets.  

Lastly, you may want to make the doors and drawer fronts thicker than everyone else.  Imagine making doors and drawer fronts that are 40% thicker than almost every other kitchen company.  St. Martin doors and drawer fronts are 7/8" thick (1" wood milled down to 7/8") as compared to the industry standard of 5/8" (3/4" milled down to 5/8").


You would want this amazing cabinet to be fairly priced.  That's the brilliance of St. Martin Cabinetry.  Ask us how St. Martin can achieve all of this and still remain reasonably priced.

Cab Construction2.jpg